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Retech Solutions Ltd

Repair Tech

We offer bespoke solutions for business and corporate clients. Let us tailor make a specific repair plan for your company based on your clients individual needs. We can also offer a variety of different repair options and solutions in order to make the entire repair process as easy and efficient as possible. We have worked with many clients in the past to offer a truly personalised plan to help gain and retain more corporate client contracts.

Retech Solutions Ltd

Refurbish Tech

Our most popular refurbishing service takes your average broken glass screen with scratched and damaged frame and turns into a new High quality OEM equivalent part ready to be used on the next batch of repairs. We also offer a wide variety of other refurbishing services from renewing housings and fitting back glass to Setting up an entire refurbishing line for your company. We have the expertise and parts available to make your refurbishing project show real results.

Retech Solutions Ltd

Recycle Tech

Thru our network of suppliers and partners across the globe we are placed in a position to offer an unrivalled end to end solution which aids your companies product thru its life cycle. We can offer a full recycle and reuse plan which will see all your scrap turned into value. We can usually help extract value where others can’t all while helloing the environment by reducing waste.

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